Dr. Joshua Dines is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery. He has been featured in New York Magazine’s Best Doctors Issue, Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors in America, and Newsday’s Best Doctors on Long Island. Dr. Dines is an Assistant team physician for the NY Mets, an Orthopedic Sports Medicine Consultant for the New York Rangers, and a consultant for the LA Dodgers. He was previously the doctor for the US Davis Cup tennis team and currently serves as a consultant for USA Tennis.
Dr. Joshua S. Dines
Dr. Dines has dedicated his career to understanding and treating sports injuries with a particular interest in arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the Shoulder, Elbow, and Knee. He has developed novel techniques and implants to improve the results of common surgical procedures. Additionally, he has done significant research on the use of biologics (ie. Platelet-rich plasma/PRP/growth factors) to help patients avoid surgery and/or enhance their healing process.
Before joining the Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery, Dr. Dines graduated from Dartmouth College and Weill Cornell Medical College. Dr. Dines did his residency at the Hospital for Special Surgery where, during his final year, he won the award for excellence in research and spent elective time in France studying advanced shoulder surgery. Upon graduation from HSS, Dr. Dines did a sports medicine fellowship at the prestigious Kerlan Jobe Clinic in Los Angeles. While there, he worked as part of the medical staff for the LA Dodgers, the LA Kings, and the Anaheim Ducks Hockey teams, and served as an assistant to the team physician of the LA Lakers.
Clinically, Dr. Dines uses the most innovative arthroscopic and minimally invasive techniques to treat the majority of shoulder, elbow, and knee problems including rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocations (instability and labral tears), and Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears. He has a particular interest in joint replacement surgery of the shoulder (Primary and revision Shoulder Arthroplasty and Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty) and tendon injuries (rotator cuff, Distal Biceps, and Achilles).
He is very active in both clinical and laboratory research with a particular interest in rotator cuff tendon healing, shoulder replacement, and injuries to overhand athletes (baseball, tennis). He has published numerous papers and given talks nationally and internationally on elbow injuries in baseball players, rotator cuff tears, shoulder replacement surgery, and Tommy John Surgery. His novel research on the use of growth factors and biologics to enhance tendon healing has resulted in national awards. Dr. Dines recently completed three textbooks written for orthopedic surgeons: Sports Medicine Injuries in Baseball, Controversies in Shoulder Instability, and Sports Injuries of the Foot and Ankle. He is currently finishing a textbook on Tommy John Surgery.
Dr. Dines has a strong interest in increasing public awareness and knowledge of sports injuries. He authors a column on the Huffington Post and is a guest contributor on Fox 5 New York. He is also on the Medical advisory board of Motus Global and www.sportsmd.com.
  • Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, elbow, knee
  • Rotator cuff and shoulder instability
  • Shoulder replacement (TSR), Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
  • Complex Shoulder Problems
  • Tennis and Baseball Injuries
  • Elbow ligament reconstruction (Tommy John Surgery)
  • Minimally invasive biceps tendon and AC joint reconstruction
  • Achilles tendon rupture
  • Attending Orthopedic Surgeon, Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Professor of Clinical Orthopedic Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College
  • Associate Attending Orthopedic Surgeon, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • American Shoulder Elbow Surgeons
  • American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine
  • Arthroscopy Association of North America
  • America Orthopedic Association
  • Interurban Orthopedic Society
  • Council on Sports Medicine

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Joshua Dines fixed my right elbow (3/4 torn UCL) by two PRP injections, I am now 100% from that. Unfortunately I had a severe left elbow injury recently that he operated on: my entire elbow, the nerve, distal bicep and tricep. A few weeks out and just starting my recovery program. Besides having such a great staff, he truly is the best doctor out there - I have and always will recommend him to others in need of the top care there is. Most doctors I feel like a number, Dines remembers everything about you and is very personable. Don’t think twice, definitely go to him if needed!
Tyler S.
He repaired my ACL and meniscus in 2013. He did a great job. My only problem was my first few weeks in therapy I had horrible therapist and that time frame is crucial when it comes to this type of post op surgery. Overall Dr. Dines did a great job. I was injured on the job and he helped me. So the comment regarding his does not help people on the job is not true. I’m uniform staff and he helped.
Dr.Joshua Dines repaired my shoulder and I am feeling great! He was very attentive and took the time to answer all my questions. Prior to surgery he made me feel very comfortable that I made the right choice coming to him!
Teresa T.
Dr. Dines & his staff were extremely knowledgeable, skilled, professional and accessible for all questions & concerns. My shoulder surgery went well and my post op experience has been excellent.
Ocean G.