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HSS Cartilage Repair

David Dines, MD, has built his practice based on decades of clinical experience and research focusing on the shoulder and related injuries. He is the Medical Director for the ATP World Tennis Tour and has operated on thousands of shoulders throughout his career while publishing many of the most important research articles and textbooks on shoulder surgery.
Joshua Dines, MD provides a full range of Sports Medicine services, including surgical and non-surgical treatments for injuries to the shoulder, knee, and elbow. He works with the NY Mets and NY Rangers as well as college athletes, high-school athletes, weekend warriors, and those patients just looking to get back to performing their everyday activities without pain. Together, Dines Orthopedics offers offices in two convenient locations in New York City at Hospital for Special Surgery and in Uniondale Long Island, offering their patients surgical and non-surgical options in both locations.
Dines Orthopedic provides a broad range of highly specialized Orthopedic Sports Medicine Services. Our team will properly evaluate and treat sports-related and chronic conditions affecting the elbow, knee, and shoulder. Sports injuries are often a result of overuse and wear and tear.
When surgery is required, you can trust that you are in the right hands at Dines Orthopedic. Our surgeons have performed thousands of procedures and improved the lives of countless patients through our comprehensive care.

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Why is Cartilage Important?

Every so often, you might hear about an injury someone had. As you listen to the details, the word “cartilage” comes up in every other sentence. You know that cartilage is important, you just don’t know why or how significant it is. Reading this will change that by giving a clear picture of what the function of cartilage is, why it should be something of concern, where to find HSS cartilage repair, and more. 

What Exactly is Cartilage?

Cartilage is a type of connective tissue that is a forerunner to the bones within an embryo. Even after bones develop and the embryo is born, cartilage remains a factor, spreading across the human body. The function of cartilage will depend on which of the three types it is. They are called:

  • Hyaline- The most common cartilage, it can be found in areas like the ribs and trachea. It also has a sub-category called articular cartilage, which covers and protects bony areas like joints. Despite it being the most present cartilage in the human body, hyaline is also the most fragile, living up to its glassy look when viewed under a microscope. 
  • Fibro- Viewed as the most powerful of the three, it can be found in the vertebrae and knees. They are meant to minimize damage to areas like the knees. 
  • Elastic- Found in ears, trachea, and other parts of the body, its purpose is to grant flexibility and strength. 

To sum it up, it’s important to know that cartilage helps keep parts of the body in place and ensure that it functions properly. 

Why Does it Matter if Cartilage Gets Damaged?HSS cartilage repair

As strong and as essential as the cartilage is to the human body, it comes with one big flaw that most tissues lack: it’s very bad at healing itself. While it has some self-healing capabilities, it’s so minimal that any damage to cartilage needs medical treatment to be resolved. There are three main types of ways that cartilage will get damaged:

  • Injury- Whether it be falling on the area too hard, getting tackled by someone while playing football, or getting into a car crash, cartilage has a chance of being damaged. It is worth noting that athletes have a higher chance of getting their cartilage damaged than non-athletes, with the chance rising if it’s a contact sport. 
  • Lack of Use- Like a muscle, the health of cartilage is maintained by using it. Going without use for some time will heighten the risk of cartilage damage. 
  • Wear and Tear- When a joint has pressure put on it for too long, this is the result. Factors like the weight of an individual will affect the likelihood of it occurring. 

It might be tempting to just wait for the pain to go away, but as stated before, cartilage is unlikely to properly address the issue by itself. It will get worse, especially if it’s cartilage that is weight-bearing. In those cases, the risk of ignoring the damage includes no longer being able to walk. 

Providing Relief

While it’s unlikely that the cartilage will heal without medical help, it is possible to lessen the effects by strengthening the muscles of the affected areas. It won’t fix all the issues, but it can make them easier to handle before a more permanent solution is provided. The Arthritis Foundation recommends several types of exercises like walking, biking, swimming, and others as a way of dealing with osteoarthritis, a condition that can be the result of cartilage damage. They suggest that 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week can be of help, but they also make it clear that individuals should come up with their exercise routines to suit their own needs and limitations. 

HSS Cartilage Repair

The exercise is likely to be of help, but a more permanent solution will be needed. So if someone requires HSS cartilage repair, Dines Orthopedics should be their first option. Whether the surgeon is David Dines, MD, or Joshua Dines, MD, the patient will be in safe hands. Both have years of experience in treating patients for cartilage damage, and both are attending surgeons at HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery). So if HSS cartilage repair is needed by anyone you know, send them to Dines Orthopedics so they can get the treatment and relief that they need and deserve. 

Contact Us For HSS Cartilage Repair

Dines Orthopedics can be contacted via this link. Whether it be questions about what’s provided or scheduling an appointment, you will get a response back. Don’t let the pain take over your life. With the help of Dines Orthopedics, it will be a thing of the past. 

Orthopedic Treatment For Join Instability

If you’re ever experiencing any pain, it’s best to see an orthopedic doctor. They’re doctors who specialize in treating conditions that affect your entire musculoskeletal system. At HSS Cartilage Repair,  we can help treat muscle and joint instability. Contact Dines Orthopedic to schedule an appointment and to start feeling better today!

Most Common Muscle and Joint Pain

Injuries happen all of the time, and instability occurs to muscles that weaken overtime. It appears to happen when the bones in the socket can no longer be held together. Some of the most common areas to which an injury would occur are:

  • Ankle
  • Shoulder
  • Knee
  • Hips
  • Toes

Don’t wait until you’re in a lot of pain to get treated for your injury. Dines Orthopedic is here to help you recover from any pain that you may be experiencing. An HSS Cartilage Repair, can take care of your injuries and make you feel the same again.

What Causes Instability:

Overtime instability occurs when a specific muscle begins to become weak. Some of these causes are:HSS Cartilage Repair

  • Injury- if you have ever fallen or dislocated a particular joint, the ligaments can begin to tear since they aren’t in place.
  • Overuse- is the most common cause of instability because we need to use our muscles every day. If you’re dealing with an injury and don’t see any attention, it can become worse. However, as we use it repeatedly in a particular motion of the body, the more you use it, over time, it won’t correctly heal, causing problems.
  • Multidirectional instability (Double Jointed) occurs in people born with loose joints than others.

When should you see an orthopedic doctor?

Some people may ask if my injury should seek medical attention? Dines HSS Cartilage Repair, helps relieve any pain that you may be feeling. Over time your body starts to wear and tear, and your joints and muscles begin to weaken. If you’re starting to experience any of the following, you should seek an appointment:

  • If you have pain that may be causing your everyday activities to be limited.
  • Any pain, in general, that is occurring for about ten weeks or more.
  • Your entire range of motion is none to very limited.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the one area where the pain happens the most to people. This part of the body is the most used joint because we need to use it in our everyday life. If you’re dealing with an injured shoulder, the more you begin to use it, the worse it will only become. Shoulder instability occurs when the head of an upper bone falls out of the socket. The more you use your shoulder, the likelihood of this occurring is high. 

How to Strengthen your Joints

As you begin to get older and your muscles start to get weak, here are some excellent ways to help strengthen your joints:

  • Exercise regularly- the more active you’re, the longer your joints can stay healthier, and this can prevent any injuries from occurring.
  • Lifting weights is a great way to improve the strength of your joints. It’s essential to stay with light weights when starting to prevent you from hurting yourself.
  • Resistance bands- these exercises are great because they target specific muscle groups and take a lot of pressure off of your joints.
  • Stretch- it’s essential to stretch after your workout to improve your flexibility. Always stretch when your body is warm so that you aren’t hurting your tight muscles.

HSS Cartilage Repair

Muscle and joint instability cause a lot of pain to people who don’t seek attention immediately. Dines HSS Cartilage Repair, helps relieve any pain that you may be feeling. Let us help you take away your pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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