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What Causes Shoulder Instability?

Instability in the shoulder is not something that should be taken lightly, especially if you are someone that is active most of the week. It feels like your shoulder is going to “give out” and not be able to support whatever it is that you are trying to do. That could be the simplest task like playing with your baby or something where there is direct ,muscle use like going to the gym and doing a shoulder press. 

It may feel like an overall weakness within your shoulder and not so much a “pain” but something where you do not feel as safe doing something as you normally would. If you or someone you know is experiencing shoulder instability and you live near the Upper East Side in New York City, you should go to Dines Orthopedics for a consultation. If you need shoulder instability surgery on the upper east side NYC contact our team.

What Is Shoulder Instability?

Shoulder instability usually occurs when the lining of the shoulder joint, ligaments, or labrum becomes stretched, torn, or detached. This causes the ball of the shoulder joint to move either completely or partially out of the socket. The shoulder joins so much mobility and range of motion that can cause it to have issues and the feeling of instability. 

Types of Shoulder Instability

Shoulder Dislocation and Subluxation: When there is enough trauma to the shoulder,, it will cause a dislocation or subluxation. A shoulder subluxation occurs when the humerus partially slides in and out of place quickly. Shoulder dislocations occur when the humerus comes out of the glenoid. It may fall back into place over time or need to be put back into place by a medical professional. 

Labral Tear-this This can occur when there has been a past dislocation in the shoulder, overuse of the area, or any kind of trauma to the shoulder. Shoulder instability can occur whenever the labrum is torn or peeled off of the glenoid. This is a more common injury than most people realize, and this can also happen in your hip because it is a similar joint, meaning that it is a ball and socket situation. Lots of range of motion will often cause trauma and issues to the affected area. 

Genetic-Some people are born with loose shoulder ligaments. For people like this, instability can occur without any trauma or a relatively minor injury. Some people may also have a genetic condition that causes looseness in the joints and predisposes them to develop shoulder instability or weakness.

shoulder instability surgery on the upper east side, NYCSymptoms of Shoulder Instability

Common symptoms of continuous shoulder instability can be:

  • Repeated shoulder dislocations
  • The repeated feeling of the shoulder “giving out.”
  • A constant sensation of the shoulder feeling loose, slipping in and out of the joint, or just hanging there
  • Pain caused by an injury to the shoulder


Treatment For Shoulder Instability

Management of pain with nonoperative options are physical therapy, activity modification, and possibly bracing is the first line of treatment for patients with shoulder instability. This type of treatment is successful in most patients, and they can get back to their regular activities in a couple of weeks to months. 

Surgery should be considered for those who are considered “high risk” for recurring injuries like athletes/young kids/older adults, those who experience instability multiple times, and those who have other damage to the shoulder. While there are several different surgical treatment options, all aim to improve the stability of the shoulder and allow the patient to get back to the activities they desire as soon as it is safely possible. 

Once a shoulder has dislocated, it can occur over and over again. Treating shoulder instability with non-surgical options is possible, but surgery may be necessary to repair torn or stretched ligaments. In typical cases, this procedure can be done arthroscopically; however, some patients may require open surgery. The team at Dines Orthopedics can determine which surgery is best to treat this.

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Shoulder instability can be scary, but it does not have to be something that completely derails your life and changes all of your daily habits. Getting the right doctors behind you and finding the best treatment option for you will make all of the difference. If you are located near New York City, give Dines Orthopedic a call and have them help you. We can help with shoulder instability surgery on the upper east side, NYC.

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