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Elbow Ligament Reconstruction

Repetitive overhead throwing can damage the elbow UCL. The UCL is one of the primary stabilizers of the elbow during the throwing motion. When the ligament tears, patients will feel pain on the inside of their elbow. If it is an acute injury, the patient might hear or feel a popping sensation when throwing motion. Dr. Dines will evaluate the patient’s condition to see the best course of action for treating this. Less severe cases will be treated with rest and physical therapy. Complete tears will typically require surgery. This surgery is known as Tommy John surgery. This surgery involves taking a tendon from elsewhere in the body and replacing the damaged ligament with it. The tendon graft is weaved through the bone in the forearm and the humerus. Although the surgery only takes around one hour, the recovery time can be a lengthy process. Both Dr. Dines perform this procedure on high-level throwing athletes.
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