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ACL Tears

ACL injuries are common in sports. The injury can occur when a force strikes your knee as your leg is straight or slightly bent while your foot is firmly planted on the ground. Injuries could have resulted if you suddenly change directions, slow down when running, or land from a jump. If you are experiencing ACL injuries and are searching for ACL tear treatment in Nassau County, NY, then Dines Orthopedic is where you could look for doctoral advice. At Dines Orthopedic, our experienced team has treated many patients for this injury, and we utilize a comprehensive approach to care to treat each individual’s specific needs.


ACL Tear Symptoms acl tear treatment in Nassau County, NY

An ACL injury occurs when the strong band of tissue that connects your thigh bone to your shinbone tears or sprains. An individual with an ACL tear of the knee is likely to experience some combination of the following symptoms:

  • Initial sharp pain: Contrary to progressive knee conditions, ACL tears usually occur suddenly and can be linked to a specific event.
  • Swelling after the injury: Swelling can occur immediately after the injury. Swelling may develop 24 hours after the injury. In some cases, swelling may last for a week.
  • Deep, aching pain in the knee: Walking or climbing stairs may aggravate the condition.
  • Restricted range of motion: Straightening the affected knee may be particularly challenging.
  • Numbness: Some people lose feeling (numbness) down their legs, below the knee, when they suffer an ACL tear.
  • A feeling that the knee is “giving out”: Instability may be especially noticeable during activities that put weight on the knee joint, such as climbing stairs and turning on one leg.
  • Inability to bear weight: If you have a grade II or III injury, the pain and swelling might be so severe that you cannot stand or walk without assistance.


What Are The Treatments For ACL Tears? 

There are two main treatment options for an ACL injury:

  • Non-surgical treatment such as a brace to protect against instability and physical therapy to strengthen the surrounding ligaments to achieve greater stability.
  • Surgical reconstruction of the ACL to restore the internal structures of the knee to allow for maximum stability. The main focus of treating ACL Tears is that in severe cases, the ligament must be repaired and rebuilt. In this procedure, a tendon graft is taken from another part of the body (patella tendon, hamstring tendon) and attached to the usual site of the ACL. Arthroscopic surgery techniques allow for smaller incisions to be used. An athlete could usually return to the sport 6-9 months after the surgery.

It is critical to know that recurrent instability of the knee due to dysfunction of the ACL could lead to additional damage to the menisci and cartilage. Over time, these injuries may predispose the knee joint to degenerative changes.


How To Manage ACL Tears Pain?

After the injury and surgery, the patient could have pain and swelling around the knee immediately. Here are some techniques that could be used to relieve the pain:

  • Icing and Compression: The most effective technique is RICE. This is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Icing reduces blood flow from the vessels surrounding the knee, and compression reduces fluid bleeding caused by the surgery. This technique is more effective and is applicable immediately after ACL surgery.
  • Bracing: Surgeons who perform ACL surgery will provide patients with a splint to limit knee movement during recovery. The brace can also be worn during sports to prevent pain that might occur during vigorous movements.
  • Elevation: It is advisable to elevate the leg on which ACL surgery has been performed. If the patient is lying down or sleeping, the leg should be elevated higher than the hip. To do this, you could place a few pillows under the leg to elevate it. 


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